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SKAKO Concrete believes that sustainability and taking ethical responsibility will be essential for future profitability.

Less CO2 emission from Concrete factories

Green Plant Vision

SKAKO Concrete believes that sustainability and taking ethical responsibility will be essential for future profitability. We’re aware of the building industry’s significant CO2 emissions, particularly from cement production. As alternatives to concrete aren’t likely to emerge soon, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and helping our customers do the same.

Our ‘Green Plant Vision‘ focuses on measuring our emissions and developing eco-friendly solutions for concrete production, aligning with global environmental standards.

How we support our customers

Sustainable services & solutions

Through collaboration with our customers, SKAKO Concrete develops sustainable solutions that enhance their production capabilities. Our services and solutions include:

  • Supplying mixers, equipment, and control systems that save energy and facilitate the use of UHPC and other high-strength concrete types with reduced cement requirements.
  • Providing equipment for our customers to reuse 100 % of wastewater in the mixing process.
  • Ensuring our mixers and equipment are designed for reuse.
  • Assisting in plant planning to optimize efficiency, considering factors like whether one large plant or multiple smaller ones would be most suitable to minimize transportation needs.
  • Designing our mixers and equipment ergonomically to reduce strain and improve the working environment.

Climate-ready production company

In collaboration with Dansk Industri and Industriens Fond, SKAKO Concrete has completed the project “Climate-ready production company” and thereby created a basis for ongoing monitoring and measurement of the company’s general environmental impact and total CO2 emissions.

The result has become a valuable tool in SKAKO Concrete’s overall environmental efforts in a number of relevant areas, including waste, recycling, energy, and processes – and especially within transport and the purchase of steel, iron, and metal.

Refurbishment of equipment

Code of Conduct for suppliers

Alpha Mixer (AMX)

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