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Openness and responsibility


At SKAKO Concrete we want to stand for openness and responsibility in everything we do, just as we want to promote an open culture based on dialogue. Everyone should be able to express themselves freely if they have experienced irregularities or illegalities committed by the company’s employees. Recognizing that it is important that this type of information comes to light and that an open corporate culture is not always sufficient for this to happen, we have established a whistleblower scheme.

What can be reported?

You are to report serious compliance-related issues, e.g., serious breach of our fundamental policies, legal violations, fraud, or other conditions that represent illegal activity or may harm SKAKO Concrete or the Group’s employees.

The scheme cannot be used for commercial inquiries, questions related to employment applications or other general questions. Contact the relevant manager at SKAKO Concrete or see our website for more information.

Concerns related to employment conditions or conditions in the local workplace, such as conflicts with colleagues and managers, disciplinary sanctions, proper and timely payment of salaries and benefits must normally be resolved locally unless the matter is unusually serious or cannot be reported through the permanent management structure.


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