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January 16, 2023

Ready to embrace the US market even better

It is exciting to be a part of SKAKO Concrete at the moment. The order backlog is historically large, the economy is excellent, and we juggle with loads of interesting projects. 

Overall, we are evolving, and the next step is to boost our US department SKAKO Concrete, Inc. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we have employed a new Director of Operations and a new Head of Customer Service in the US region:

“The purpose of this move is to increase our customer service in the US market. We want to use the present good times to adapt our organization to the future,” says Steffen Kremmer, CEO of SKAKO Concrete A/S.

Claus Hansen, Sales & Marketing Director of SKAKO Concrete, continues: 

“The US customers can look forward to having their needs embraced in the best possible way by our two new employees. Both have many years of experience from similar positions, including experience with understanding customer needs and supplying total customized solutions that can improve production”.

Welcome to Scott Zolotsky and Nathan Murphy

Our new Director of Operations, Scott Zolotsky, will lead the way for our US organization:

“I am looking forward to leading SKAKO Concrete, Inc. through its next phase of growth while putting customer needs first and providing first-class service,” says Scott Zolotsky.

Our new Head of Customer Service, Nathan Murphy, will focus on spare parts and make sure that our customers’ plants are kept in good shape:

“I am very excited to unite SKAKO’s world-leading brand with my experience to set the standard for customer care within the industry. We should be behind our customers for the full lifecycle of their projects, and I would like SKAKO to be on top of the customers’ mind, when planning a shutdown or an upgrade,” says Nathan Murphy.

One organization

Our salespeople look very much forward to collaborating with Scott and Nathan:

“I am sure the cooperation with the new US department will be beneficial for all of us. It will not only be Scott and Nathan learning from us – there is also a lot for us to learn from the two of them,” says Claus Hansen, and Steffen Kremmer concludes:

 “SKAKO Concrete is a worldwide supplier to the industry located in many different countries. Of course, we do not all see each other every day, but we are one organization, which is why it is a part of our strategic plan to increase collaborations across borders – now focusing on the US market”.

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